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About us

Nanjing weiyiji food machinery co., LTD. was established in 2009,We are specialized in providing customers with safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly professional mechanical products and systems solutions,it is an expert in systems engineering in the fields of grain and oil food, biology, medicine and chemical industry.The company's service area involves food, grain and oil, biology, chemical industry, environmental protection, milk fat, beverage, beer, starch, cosmetics, essential oil, resin paint and so on.

Introduction: the company's manufacturing center, located in yangjian town, wuxi city, jiangsu province, has a strong mechanical equipment processing capability. Has passed the iso9001:2000 quality system certification, and has the pressure vessel manufacturing license. The manufacturing center constantly meets the needs of domestic and foreign markets by introducing advanced foreign technology.
  • Safe

  • Efficient

  • Energy-saving

  • Environmentally

Business Scope

  • 1 Various oils (soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, peanut, corn germ, rice bran, red flower seed, rapeseed, sesame, palm, walnut, etc.) :
    (1). Full automatic preprocessing (or prepress) production line 50~12000t/d.
    (2). Full automatic leaching production line 50~12000t/d.
    (3). Full automatic refining production line 50~1200t/d.
  • 2 Soybean thermal peeling, temperature peeling, cold peeling production line;
  • 3 Soybean low-temperature meal and peanut low-temperature meal production line;
  • 4 Oil refining technology of cottonseed oil;
  • 5 Oil separation and dewaxing production line;
  • 6 Hydration and degumming, soybean phosphatide production and drying, edible
  • 7 Production line of soybean, peanut protein concentrate and protein isolate;
  • 8 hick fragrant flower oil and thick sesame oil production line;
  • 9 The production and enrichment production line of saponin in tea meal;
  • 10 Extraction of chlorophyll in silkworm sand and concentrated production line;
  • 11 Production line of acid oil production of soap feet;
  • 12 Large-scale biodiesel production line;
  • 13 Efficient mixed oil filtration system;
  • 14 Full computer automation control system;
  • 15 Civil design of production line;
  • 16 Construction plan and overall planning of the factory.

Workshop facilities

Production qualification

  • Look at the big picture

  • Look at the big picture

  • Look at the big picture

  • Look at the big picture

  • Look at the big picture

  • Look at the big picture

Equipment delivery

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